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Policies Cover Page

See the library's governing documents.
Kling Memorial Library -- Policies

Table of Contents

Mission, Core Values, and Focus Areas
Strategic Plan
Board of Trustees Bylaws
City Employee Handbook (ask at City Hall)
Library Personnel Policy
    -Employee Conduct

Library Director Job Description
Assistant Director Job Description
Youth Services Librarian Job Description
Library Assistant Job Description
Library Aide Job Description
Cleaning Personnel Job Description
Volunteer Policy
Access, Services, and Programs:
Circulation Policy
    -Circulation of Materials
    -Overdue Materials
    -Interlibrary Loan
    -Special Consideration for Library Users

Meeting Room Policy
Gaming Policy
Test Proctoring Policy
Severe Weather/Disaster Policy
Storytime Policy
Copier Services Policy
Collections, Computers and Technology
Collection Development Policy
Computer Usage and Internet
Gifts Policy
Technology Plan
Relationships, Rights, and Responsibilities
Confidentiality Policy
Patron Behavior and Unattended Children Policy
Sex Offender Policy
Supporting Documents
Code of Ordinances of the City of Grundy Center, Iowa 2006: Chapter 22 “Library Board of Trustees”
Iowa Code, 2014 : Section 22.7 (13, 18)
Iowa Code, 2013 : Section 692A.113 (1f, 1g)
Iowa Code, 2014: Section 392.5
Iowa Code, 2014: Section 728.2, 728.6, 728.7
The Bill of Rights: Amendment I
American Library Association (ALA) Resources
Library Bill of Rights
Freedom to Read Statement
Freedom to View Statement
Code of Ethics
Confidentiality of Library Records
Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information about Library Users
Statement on Library Use of Filtering Software