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This policy covers library staff employment.


            The following personnel policies set forth the terms and conditions of employment for each full-time and part-time employee of the Kling Memorial Library.  These rules and regulations are pursuant to the Grundy Center Municipal Code and shall be applied equally to each employee regardless of age sex, color, creed, national origin, religions, political affiliation or any other protected class.  These policies may be amended by approval of two-thirds (2/3) vote of the library board.

             The Board of Trustees shall hire a full-time Library Director.  Other employees, all part-time, shall be hired by the Library Director with input from the Board of Directors.  A part-time employee is defined as one who is regularly scheduled to work less than forty (40) hours per week.

             All employees shall serve a six-month probationary period with evaluations occurring at two-month intervals.  Thereafter, performance evaluation shall occur on an annual basis.   The evaluation of the Library Director shall be conducted by the Library Board of Trustees.  Annual evaluation of the other employees shall be conducted by the Library Director.

             Salaries of all library employees shall be determined annually for the ensuing year.  Paychecks are issued once every two weeks on Wednesday.

             The Board of Trustees shall be notified if any employee wishes to resign.  The Director shall give thirty (30) days notice to the Board of Trustees.  Other employees shall give two (2) weeks notice to the Library Director.  Employees may be dismissed by the recommendation of the Library Director with Board of Trustee approval for reasons of misdemeanor, incompetence or inattention to duties of employment.


            The Kling Memorial Library observes the following seven (7) holidays:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  The library closes at 12:00 noon on Christmas Eve Day and at 3:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve Day.  The director shall be paid for holidays.


            The Library Director shall notify the board president if personal leave is needed and the Library Director shall make necessary arrangements on the work schedule.  Library assistants shall contact the Library Director in case of illness or an emergency when they cannot report to work.  Requests for personal leave, vacations, necessary appointments, funerals, etc., all need to be made in advance so arrangements can be made in scheduling.


            Any concerns or disagreements among the library staff shall be resolved quickly and informally, if possible.  If a problem cannot be satisfactorily resolved, all parties involved shall meet with the Board of Trustees to review the situation.  The decision to settle a dispute shall be fine.


          The Library Director shall determine which seminars, workshops, meeting, etc. staff shall attend.  All fees incurred for activities relating to library work shall be paid.  Mileage shall be paid at the rate of $.30 per mile.  The regular hourly wage will be paid including travel time.  Professional (ILA) dues for the director shall be paid our of the library funds.


            The Library Director shall be granted vacation time and pay as follows:

                        After 1 year:                 1 week

                        After 2 years:                2 weeks

                        After 8 years:                3 weeks

                        After 15 years:              4 weeks


            The Library Director shall be allowed nine (9) days of sick leave with pay each year.  Unused sick leave may be accumulated to a maximum of ninety (90) days.


            Group health insurance premiums (up to family coverage) (carrier determined by the City of Grundy Center) shall be paid for the Library Director.  The Library Director and library assistants are included in IPERS.  All employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation.


            In the case of a death in the employee’s immediate family, defined as current spouse or child, five (5) days of funeral leave will be allowed with pay.  In the case of a death in the employee’s close family, three (3) days of funeral leave will be allowed with pay.  “Close Family,” for funeral leave purposes only, is defined as employee’s grandchild, mother, father, brother and sister.   One (1) day of funeral leave with pay will be allowed in the case of death of the employee’s current father-in-law, mother-in-law, children’s spouse, niece, nephew, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and grandparent.  Funeral leave time is not actual worked time and does not apply towards overtime.  Only scheduled compensable workdays missed will be paid for.


            Library staff required to serve as jurors during working hours shall receive regular wages less any compensation received as jurors.


            The Library Director will work the number of hours per week agreed upon by the board, working at least some Saturdays.  Any accumulation of days off must be approved by the President of the Board of Trustees or the full Board.


            Arrangements satisfactory to a library employee and the Board of Trustees shall be made in the event this possibility occurs.


            The City of Grundy Center has no provision for maternity or paternity leave at this time.

Adopted:  January 11,  2007

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