Summer Reading Program

The Kling Memorial Library holds an annual Summer Reading Program in conjunction with the State Library of Iowa and iREAD.  The Summer Reading Program is open to children, teens and adults.  Sign up will begin Monday, May 13th!

The 2024 Summer Reading theme is:

The benefits to readers in a summer reading program include:
  • Children will gain self-confidence and a love for reading, books, and the library
  • The groundwork will be laid for children to become lifelong readers and learners
  • Entire families will have the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate programs
  • Completion of the program will give children a sense of accomplishment and belonging
  • Parents and caregivers will gain knowledge about early literacy and learning activities at the library that they can continue at home
  • Children are motivated to read
  • Participation helps children maintain their reading skills during summer vacation
  • Children have access to experiences that further their sense of discovery.
  • Children have access to experiences through which they can learn to work cooperatively.
  • Many teenagers find enjoyment in reading
  • Having high levels of literacy are needed for higher education and future employment
  • Most standardized tests that teenagers will take include a reading comprehension portion.
  • Adult summer reading programs can offer adults the opportunity to have fun

  • Adutls can explore new interests and interact with one another

  • Adult participation provides a good model for children enrolled in the summer reading program

                     -Collaborative Summer Library Program